A Pirate’s Life For Me : Jester Reunited DIGITAL Set


This 9-photo DIGITAL set, as shot by Surreal Studios Photography, features Lossien as Jester in her Mighty Ns, and some other cute poses, she shows off the costume with cute pin-up inspired poses.

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Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s life for me~!

We loved hearing Jester’s future in the 2-episode special of the Mighty Nein Reunited, and once the official art was out, Lossien had to make it!

So here’s a 9 photo set, sent to you directly, of Lossien in said outfit, as close to the offical art as possible!  There are some cute pin-up inspired shots, some full-bodies to show off her hard work, and even a Captain Morgan pose!  This cute set could be yours!