Marvel-lous : Marvel Digital Print Pack


This 32 boudoir digital photo pack includes 7 Mary Jane photos (4 bum centric), 8 Black Cat photos (3 bum centric), 8 Black Queen photos (2 bum centric), and 9 Emma Frost photos (2 bum centric).  All photos shot by Vera a’ Lossien.


Are you a Marvel fan?  Then this is for you!

This Marvel digital pack includes 4 different sets.

Classic red-headed fun with Mary Jane in a Spiderman onesie – 7 photos including a whopping 4 butt centric shots.

You don’t have to decide between MJ or Black Cat, as this pack also includes Black Cat~!  4 shots in black lingerie, and 4 shots in a Spiderman onesie, with 3 butt centric shots between them.

There’s also the Black Queen (Jean Grey) in black PVC, with 8 photos, and 2 bum centric ones.

And lastly, but most certainly not least, there’s Emma Frost’s Phoenix Force costume, with 9 photos, and 2 bum centric shots.

All in all, you get 32 photos, and 11 SundayBumday shots, just for you!

It’s simply Marvel-lous~!


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